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Thread: CAMAROFEST III Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis, Indiana August 2-4 2012

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    Exclamation CAMAROFEST III Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis, Indiana August 2-4 2012

    Link from

    OKC group rolling out early Thu Aug 2nd

    Camaro5 Fest III (C5 FIII)
    3rd Annual Official Camaro5Fest

    When: August 2-4, 2012

    Where: LUCAS OIL RACEWAY [Pre-Register HERE]

    Event Coordinators:

    General Motors & Sponsor Point of Contact:

    Cruise Coordinator:

    VIP Coordinator:

    Camarospike23, camaro_corvette, DGthe3,
    Milk 1027, Mindz, Moose, radz28, TAG UR IT,
    The_Blur, tribone, Stieger, SSE 4 2SS is proud to bring you our third annual Track Day / Meet and Greet for 5th and ALL other Generation Camaros.

    We want to provide fans of the Camaro a chance to get together and put these exceptional cars to the test. Our intent is for this event to appeal to all the different Camaro addictions you may have. Which means we will continue on with the tradition of having TWO days of Auto-cross and Drag Racing with elimination races, exhibitions and grudge matches. And, for those of you that can truly appreciate the beauty of this American Icon, we will have a car show to show off your rides to all in attendance. Finally, if you want to see the latest in what the aftermarket specialists are doing, we will have a Vendor's Alley for all of our sponsors to show and sell the latest in Camaro products. (And don't forget the Host Hotel parking lot in the evenings!!)

    For more details on all the activities please see the information below. Continue to check the schedule as we will be adding events the closer we get to August 2012.

    Autocross Information

    Event Location

    Lucas Oil Raceway (formerly Indianapolis Raceway Park and O'Reilly Raceway Park)
    10267 E Us Highway 136
    Indianapolis, IN 46234-9089


    Pre-registration List HERE

    Attendance Fee:
    $20.00 -- 2-day Spectator Pass (Cruise, Meet'n Greet, Car Show & Camaro Parking, Vendors Alley, Just hanging out)
    $100.00 -- 2-day Driver's Pass (In addition to above; Autocross, Drag Strip)

    Host Hotel:
    Wyndham Indianapolis West
    2544 Executive Dr.
    Indianapolis , IN 46241

    Reservation Details:

    Overflow Hotels:
    Courtyard Marriott Indianapolis Airport
    2602 Fortune Circle East
    Indianapolis, IN 46241

    Reservation Details:


    Ramada Indianapolis Airport
    5601 Fortune Circle West
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46241

    Reservation Details:

    Cruise Information

    The Camaro5 Fest III Cruise will take place Thursday night, leaving the Wyndham Indianapolis West (Host Hotel), and following a roughly 1-hour tour of the western suburbs of Indianapolis will return to the Wyndham for the Meet'n Greet. The cruise will have police escorts for the length of the drive, and participants are encouraged to drive SAFELY.

    Staging will begin approximately 6:30pm in the Wyndham rear parking lots. Please BACK IN to your parking spots to smooth the staging process.

    Camaro5 Fest III Cruise is going to be a drive for charity this year. More information on how to donate will be announced as we come closer.

    C5F3 Schedule
    Schedule is tentative and subject to change

    Thursday 08/02/2012
    8:00am – 4:00pm: Vendors set up
    6:00pm: Cruise Staging (@ Wyndham)
    6:30pm: Camaro5 Fest Cruise
    8:00pm: Meet'n Greet

    Friday 08/03/2012
    7:30am: Gates open for vendors & staff
    8:00am: Gates open for all attendees
    9:00am - 11:00am: Car Show
    11:00am – 7:00pm: Drag Strip open
    11:00am – 4:00pm: Auto-cross open
    1:00pm - 2:00pm: Sponsors Appreciation Hour
    8:00pm - Shutdown

    Saturday 08/04/2012
    7:30am: Gates open for vendors & staff
    8:00am: Gates open for all attendees
    8:30am – 7:00pm: Drag Strip open
    8:30am – 4:00pm: Auto-cross open
    12:00pm - 1:00pm: Sponsors Appreciation Hour
    8pm - Shutdown

    Sunday 08/05/2012
    9:00am: Farewell Breakfast

    Note: About a 10 hour drive from Tulsa (not including drag racing, multiple pee stops (Steve), and shopping for interesting items at convince stores along the way (Mr. Wilson). Oh and of course... Pictures (Tosha) lol.


    1. tbarber87
    2. LED KING
    3. cybercoaster
    4. dcamarom
    5. supercop
    6. Lee
    7. David Williams
    8. Pro Street (Texas family)
    9. Steve & Debbie
    10. Kristen (if she has her Camaro by then)
    11. Dznts
    12. C5_medic11
    13. TRABlack CamaroSS
    14. 1969Fbody
    15. OIFVET2SS
    16. Lester1

    As Tosha (tbarber87) was saying in the post below, "Please reply to this thread with your user name if you plan to attend, I will add any additional information to the original post as it becomes available". In addition, if you plan on attending please include your phone number (texting) or email (which ever way you would like to be contacted) and Fill in this form

    This way we can have a nice contact list of everyone.

    For example:

    Real name
    Screen name
    Phone number

    Please include all three.
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    +1 as you all know I am IN!

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    I would love to go, not sure sure about that 13hr drive though. I will keep my eye on it for sure!

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    As Google maps tells me it is a 10 hour and 28 minute drive approx. with 645 miles of road way to get us there. Not a bad drive from last year. Last year i believe it was 16 hours in total?

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    Administrator tbarber87's Avatar
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    Definately not as bad as driving out to South Georgia - not near as many miles either!

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    Put me down, also who would want to split a room?

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    Since the drive will be around 10 and a half hours would we want to take one long drive to Indy or would we rather stop half way and rest and get there early Thursday?

    For example we could stop half way in St. Louis and have some fun Wednesday night and then leave early Thursday and be there by say 1 or 2 PM in Indy?! I think that'll be cool so we can have some fun in St. Louis and get there early in Indy so we all have a chance to settle in our hotel rooms and clean our cars before the rest of the Camaro's come in.

    What does everyone think?
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    I know after speaking with a few folks at the end of last year - participation form the OK group for year 3 was going to dwindle significantly unless it was closer to home (ie shorter trip) I personally would like to drive straight through and make it in one day, then the drive back can be split between those that need to make it back quickly and those who want to linger in st louis... I said I wasn't going this year unless it was in Kansas - but since indy is still a one day trip im considering it heavily.

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    That sounds like a good plan to me. We could easily make it to Indy in less than 10 hours with a few breaks. Unless we join up with the Texas crew on the way up

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    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
    Oh man that didn't even cross my mind - that would be SWEET!!! Let's get that rolling

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